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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

St. George

We arrived in St. George Tuesday morning, and witnessed quite an event entering the harbor. As we approached the island of Bermuda, a small boat met us (with PILOT painted on the side). I later learned that this is the Harbor pilot, who actually brings the cruise ship through the "cut" to enter the harbor. As we glided through the "cut", I was amazed - you could almost touch the cliff walls as we passed through with so little clearance. For an idea - check out this picture from Google Earth :
As we came through the cut - we were greeted by the locals, with one gentleman in full colonial garb yelling "WELCOME to BERMUDA!"

The Island is extremely beautiful and immaculate. The pastel houses with with their porcelan like white roofs (which are actually water cistern systems feeding the owner's water tank) are stunning. The lush tropical foliage is perfectly manicured, and the people of Bermuda are undoubtably the friendliest I have encountered to date.

We had a great first day wandering the streets of St. George, discovering Tobacco Bay, the Unfinished Church, St. Katherine's Fort and the many Moongates that abound in the historic town.
Next up : Pink Beaches and Wild Scooter Rides