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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pink Beaches and Wild Scooter Rides

The next morning, we split a cab ride with a very nice couple we met on the cruise to Horseshoe Beach. This beach is undoubtably one of the top 3 beaches we've been to. The ultra-blue water, contrast with the light pink tint to the sand really made it a site to see. As named, the beach curves into a horseshoe shape, with huge volcanic formations on either side. The sand is ultra fine - you can't find a rock, shell or even a pebble in it. As we made our way to the rock formations, we found caves, little pools just big enough for the two of us, some really interesting animals, and even an awesome geocache perched high on a cliffside. We could have spent a few more hours here, but the other couple was ready to return to the boat, so we split the ride back.

With no real agenda for the afternoon, we decided (Charmaine somewhat reluctantly) to rent a scooter. I had to pass a little class to prove to the proprietor of the scooter shop that I could drive a scooter and understood the traffic signs and left handed traffic flow. Witin a few minutes - we were whizzing through the narrow streets and alleyways of St. George. Charmaine's job was to keep me on the left side. This was not a real problem until we came to the first of the many "roundabouts". It's a weird pattern - once you are in the roundabout you must "Give Way" (as the traffic sign states) to anyone entering the pattern. This proved to be quite challenging as many of them had two lanes on the left side, which really added to the chaos. Basically - I just used a heads up approach, and whizzed through them the best I could. Once we climbed the busy city streets and topped the hillside - it was smooth sailing from then on, as we hugged the coastal roads and visited a really cool graveyard, and 3 different forts. We made a complete pass around the upper island - then crossed on to the second island which houses the airport and a couple of nice beaches. This area was ok, but we really loved St. George, so we headed back into town and did another complete loop around the island. It was really fun and challenging, and we got to see sights that are really not accessible any other way.

Next up : Hamilton, Bermuda


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