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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Boston .... and beyond!

Our adventure to Bermuda began this morning.

We left Richmond on a JetBlue flight to Boston. I had some reservations about it, but I just couldn't justify not taking advantage of the $90 ticket price. I recall some comedian saying "They have to pay the pilots the same, the mechanics the same, the flight attendants the same, the same fuel costs - where do they save the money? On Parts!" Well, our experience couldn't be more different. The plane was modern and new - and I have never had so much room in a non - first or business class cabin. The nice big leather seats were as comfortable as any big airline's business class. They have direct TV with a monitor in every seat back, and the flight was comfortable and quick (we landed 30 minutes early).

The Hampton Inn Crosstown Center immediately met us with a shuttle, and within minutes we were at the hotel. So here we are at the Hotel before ten o'clock in the a.m., and the lady at the front desk tells us that she'll have to “lock up our luggage and see us this afternoon".

I always stay in Hilton family hotels if I can help it, mainly due to free wireless internet, and I have been able to rack up enough HHonors points for Silver status. So I whipped out my card.

Immediately - she says - "You’re in luck - how about one of our suites at no extra charge - it's ready right now". Sweet!

So we barely get in the room, which is VERY nice, and realize that within 5 minutes the shuttle is leaving to take a group to Boston Commons, We didn't even unpack - we crammed cameras, snacks, etc. into a backpack and headed out. Once we arrived at the Commons, we picked up information on the Freedom Trail (a walking tour that takes you to all the major historical attractions in downtown Boston) - then headed for lunch at the original Cheers bar. After a great Reuben and New England clam chowder - we headed down the "trail" which is a red line either painted or made of bricks that traverses the downtown.

We were amazed at the number of VERY old cemeteries that we passed. In one - the Granary Burying ground - we found the headstones of John Hancock, Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere. the old headstones were absolutely incredible to read. The trail meanders past many historical sites, Paul Revere's house, the USS Constitution, and ends at Bunker Hill Monument (which was closed for renovations). We walked about 4-5 miles total, and had a great time. We capped it off we a great dinner at one of the Seafood restaurants at the wharf. The shuttle picked us up right on time - and we came back to the hotel and have been chilling ever since.

So far - so good!

Tomorrow begins our two days at sea aboard the Norwegian Majesty. The story will be continued when we next see an internet connection...


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