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Monday, July 24, 2006

Atlantic Crossing

Our cruise started mid-day Sunday. The Norwegian Majesty is not one of the mega-cruise ships - in fact by cruise ship standards - it's pretty small. It was launched in 1992 as an even smaller version. It was acquired by Norwegian in 1999, was cut in half, and had a 110 ft section added to the middle. We found out later that only smaller cruise ships can reach the Bermuda ports due to the small cuts that allow entry to the harbors.

Since she's smaller, and we were crossing the Atlantic, the ship did have some constant gentle rocking. This was fine at first, but began to take its toll on us. We both used the sea bands, and Charmaine took Dramamine each day at sea.

Overall, the food was somewhere between good and excellent, and the entertainment was very good. Below - we listed what we liked and didn't like about our first cruise experience:

What we liked:

  • Constant choice of good to excellent food
  • Very relaxing during the cruise
  • One stop for 3 1/2 days in the most historic port in Bermuda.
  • GREAT Coffee
  • The room was spacious enough - about the size of an average European room in the Deluxe Stateroom.
  • Staff was friendly - accommodating - there for your every need
  • Meeting some really interesting folks at dinner
  • Good entertainment and variety
  • Excellent Cruise Director on the Majesty
  • Constant free movies - all first rate
  • Decent choice of Satellite channels (nice to keep up with news since we seem to be on the brink of WW3)
  • The room steward and his amazing towel creatures:

What we did not like :

  • Very expensive drinks and services (massages, internet, cellular)
  • Constant rocking and the after effects once back on land
  • Captive audience - pay their prices or do without
  • Bingo
  • Gamblers that never left the ship unless the casino was closed
  • Northern Rednecks (we found out they exist - no southern accent or NASCAR regalia, but white trash rednecks just the same) that repesent our country so well.

Next up: Arrival in St. George, Bermuda


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