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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hamilton, Bermuda

The next morning, we decided to take the bus to Hamilton. We bought a day pass that covers all forms of public transportation, and walked down to the bus stop and hopped on. As we picked up the locals, they all introduced themselves when they entered the bus. I have never seen this custom done anywhere else. The locals are really some of the happiest folks I've ever met.

When we arrived in Hamilton, it was almost lunchtime, so we shopped for a while and then had lunch at the Hog Penny, which supposedly served as the inspiration for the "Cheers" TV set. I had the best soup - I think it was called Bermuda Fish soup - which they bring to the table, then pour in Bermuda Seal Black rum. All the food was excellent. We left, shopped around some more, then decided to take the ferry to the Royal Dockyards. You really get to see the island by boat, and we enjoyed the trip over immensely.

We then left the dockyards and rode the ferry all the way around the island back to St. George. It was still early in the afternoon, so we decided to return to Tobacco bay and do some swimming. On the way, we saw a scooter accident. A man and his wife flipped the scooter and he broke his leg badly. I helped carry him off the road and we used our water to help clean them up. The wife seemed ok, but the EMT's worked on the man for about 45 minutes before taking him away. We got caught in a tropical rainstorm on the way back, got pretty soaked - but we were wet from swimming already. It let up in about 5 minutes - so we headed back to the ship. We were pretty beat this night and turned in early.


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